Tomorrow’s Litigation – A miso report


A Miso report on technology’s impact on the future of litigation.

When it came to writing our first white paper, diving deep into the ways in which technology is being used by litigators was an obvious topic for us to hone in on.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the work landscape has not quite been the same…

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The role that technology plays in our everyday lives is more prevalent than ever. Although there was a time when we approached Zoom calls with trepidation, we’re now old hands at cyber chats and meeting people face to face is almost a thing of the past and, as lovely as it can be, a bit time-consuming.

Traditionally, a litigator’s day involved meetings here, there and everywhere…

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Does a handful of court appearances and a ton of papers being lugged about from place to place sound familiar? Nowadays, lawyers have caught on to the fact that their previously time-poor work days can be less stressful and more productive, often from the comfort of their own swivel chair. Change can be daunting, but this has most definitely been a positive one.

Have you considered the impact of technology on modern litigation?

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This is a subject that’s close to our hearts at Miso – after all, the creation of Miso came from our founder Peter Milligan’s personal struggle to find a digital solution that helped him both organise his thinking, and structure information around an ‘issue’ structure – a challenge universal to the litigation process.                                                       

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At Miso, we understand how daunting this ever-changing landscape is, especially if you have been reliant on paper bundles for the bulk of your career. Take a look at Tomorrow’s Litigation – Technology’s impact on the future of litigation or contact [email protected] to discuss this, or your free trial, in more detail.

Here are some of the areas we discuss…

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  • Face to face meetings have been replaced by virtual consultations.
  • Lawyers are collaborating with each other and clients through online meetings, file sharing and cloud-based project management. 
  • Home-working is becoming a permanent part of the litigation landscape
  • Virtual court hearings have become commonplace, with the use of e-bundles and file sharing.
  • Research isn’t as time consuming as before, thanks to online records and computer generated evidence.
  • Paper is becoming a thing of the past, meaning firms are not only saving money but becoming more sustainable too.
  • Client hubs and chatbots instead of phone calls and in-person meetings.

We also share our thoughts on upcoming technology trends for the future of litigation, and the potential benefits (and challenges) of these.

Some of the other areas we look at include…

  • How proceedings are serviced is changing, email, Instagram and NFTs anyone? 
  • How the rise of crypto-currency is gradually becoming recognised by courts as a way of resolve. 
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality aren’t just for movies and games.
  • How the future of technology needs to be all-inclusive.
  • How it’s perfectly normal to feel daunted by technology taking over, but by having the right litigation management system in place, you’ll be just fine!

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