Cookie Policy


Like most websites we use cookies and browser local storage to implement and improve the services we provide to you. These are small files that we store on your computer that your web browser can send back to us whenever it communicates with our services.

When using these cookies and local storage values our servers will store information about where they were sent from. This includes:

  • Your IP address
  • Browser information, such as OS, browser version

They cannot be used to track you on services outside of those provided by Miso. They are only accessed by us or one of our subprocessors and are only ever used in providing our services to you.

You can see our full list of subprocessors.

The following sections describe what may be stored in your browser when using Miso. For each, the name is given. Where a name is generated dynamically, XXX is used to indicate the part of the name that is unkown until the cookie or local storage value is generated.

Essential Cookies – Site Protection

Our hosting partner, Cloudflare uses cookies to maximise network resources, manage traffic, and protect our site from malicious traffic. Data from these cookies are processed in Cloudflare’s USA-based datacentres. These cookies are detailed below.


This cookie is used to mitigate automated traffic to protect our site from bad bots. The data collected by this cookie cannot be personally identified. This cookie is used when you access our login or signup forms. The cookie is removed after 30 minutes of activity.

Essential Cookies – Login and Session Management


This cookie is used to communicate with our authentication partner Auth0. In order to keep your session secure, we periodically check in and renew your credentials. Auth0 uses this cookie to identify your session for this purpose. The cookie is stored for three days.


This is a copy of the ‘auth0’ cookie. Due to recent changes in the way browsers handle cookies, we need to install this one to support older browsers. It is also held for three days.


This cookie allows our authentication partner, Auth0, to uniquely identify a browser for our continuous authentication features which allows us to detect anomalies and keep your information secure. It is stored for four hours.


This is a copy of the ‘did’ cookie. Due to recent changes in the way browsers handle cookies, we need to install this one to support older browsers. It is also stored for four hours.

Essential Local Storage – Login and Session Management


This contains basic information about you including your name, email and userid.


This contains a token that is used when your browser makes a request to our APIs. If this token is not included in request, the API will refuse to carry it out. The token is stored when you succesfully login to Miso and is removed when you log out.

Essential Local Storage – Document Viewer


This value adjusts the operation of the document viewer to allow you to use it to generate facts from document annotations.


This value is used with persist:viewer to provide functionality to create facts from document annotations.

Non-essential Local Storage – Preferences


This value stores your preferred width for the sidekick for each case.