Expert witnesses

Designed by litigators, designed for you

We understand that many of the cases you’re asked to advise on bring with them large volumes of documents and complex records. And we know that being able to manage this information in a detailed, chronological way, as well as sharing it across teams involving multiple parties, solicitors, counsel and assistants can be a challenge. That’s where Miso comes in.

Create a living network of legal knowledge

Miso helps expert witnesses analyse complex cases more efficiently. Across facts, pleadings, people, documents and events it deep links evidence to help you cross reference and link issues not only within one case but going back through past cases, also.

Transform information into knowledge

Focusing on each legal issue in turn, Miso allows you and others on the case to work directly within documents to extract key information, prepare, organise, share and comment.

Improve the way the litigation process works

Whether used by one person or as a way of supporting information sharing across litigation and professional teams, Miso organises and shares the thinking so it’s quicker and easier to understand what you all need to do.

“Miso Legal has quickly become indispensable for me. It saves me time preparing cases and generally makes life as a litigator easier.”

Lisa Henderson Lisa Henderson, KC, Ampersand Advocates

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