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Everything in place

The name Miso comes from the concept of mise-en–place, a principle used by chefs to organise their work so that they can focus on what’s important.

We understand the pressures lawyers and those involved in the litigation process are under.

Evidence is increasingly technical and must be analysed against sophisticated legal frameworks, court backlogs and both cost and time pressures. Whether barristers and advocates, solicitors, paralegals or support staff, we understand that everyone needs a more efficient and successful way of doing things. To organise their work. To put everything in place.

Why do we understand this? Simple. Because Miso has been designed by litigators with practical, real-life experience.

Miso has been created by Ulpian Systems to tackle this problem head on. It draws on shared experience, history and knowledge to present a solution that will transform the litigation process.

Executive Team and Board

Philip Petersen

Philip Petersen , CEO

Philip brings extensive commercial B2B technology experience to Miso, gained from working in large corporates and small companies in the UK and internationally. He has been a startup founder before and worked extensively with young and growing companies, helping them gain investment and customers. He loves seeing how technology can be applied to help people do their jobs better and deliver more value to their customers to improve how they live and work. He met Pete Milligan in 2021, learned about Miso and could see a fantastic opportunity for building an exciting business, based in Scotland and addressing a global market.

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Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan , Co-Founder & CPO

Called to the Bar in 1992 Peter is an advocate with over 25 years’ experience in litigation, in particular personal injury and insurance fraud. Most of this work has been for large insurers, requiring him to understand the best ways to work in teams with clients, insurers, agents, junior and senior counsel and expert witnesses. Following an epiphany at the kitchen sink – where he realised that there was a solution to lawyers having to absorb and process increasingly high volumes of information in decreasing amounts of time – Ulpian Systems and Miso were created in 2014. Now focusing on product vision and design, Peter hopes to see the system improving access to justice and expand beyond litigators to include all stakeholders in the dispute process.

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Eric Jutrzenka

Eric Jutrzenka , Co-Founder & CTO

Eric is a technologist with 19 years’ experience in software development. His experience encompasses the full software development lifecycle. He loves to transform a vision into a working product that delights users. He has worked at start-ups building their software development capability from the ground up and enjoys discovering new ways to deliver software with ever greater agility and efficiency. As CTO and co-founder of Miso, he is the key decision maker for technology and responsible for the efficiency and security of IT operations.

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Blair Davidson

Blair Davidson , Finance Manager & Company Secretary

Blair is an experienced CFO and joined the Miso team, bringing with him with 30 years of experience. CGMA qualified, Blair has historically worked with and advised large corporates as well as start-ups and early-stage businesses. He has known Pete for many years, having met through his wife, a colleague of Pete’s, who is now both a user and investor. He saw the potential for Miso right from the very early days and joined the team to support its growth.

Richard Neville-Towle

Richard Neville-Towle , Board Chair & Investor

After a first job as studio manager with the BBC, Richard joined Trafalgar House Developments in Mayfair, co-ordinating the ‘provincial office’ department, where he worked with a number of talented architects and an in-house development team in building, and selling, a portfolio of cutting edge office buildings. Having moved from the property world to pursue his first passion, Richard is now a highly acclaimed musician. He sees his role as chairman as similar to that of an orchestral conductor. As a musician his focus is to harness the talents of those around him, giving each player the space and support to concentrate on their individual part, whilst maintaining a sense of awareness of the bigger picture.

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Craig Nicol

Craig Nicol , Director & Investor

Craig has been a lawyer for almost 30 years. In the last 12 years he has led the growth of one of Scotland’s leading law firms which now has more than 500 people. Craig has joined the Miso board as both a director and investor. He holds a number of other non-exec chair and director roles, working with dynamic, ambitious businesses and boards – from start ups to established companies – led by courageous and passionate people. He is a member of the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) National Ambassador Network, a director of Dundee Museums Foundation and was part of the Fundraising Board for the V&A at Dundee Museum.

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