MISO assists litigators by enabling them to save time and reduce costs in the preparation and analysis of their cases.

Miso is a tool for litigators.

It streamlines the preparation and analysis of dispute resolution processes saving litigators valuable time.

Miso will be released in 2018. It works in any area of dispute resolution and in any jurisdiction. 

We are presently looking for experienced litigators to provide feedback - if you are interested in early access to our unique disruptive technology please enter your email address below. Those selected for providing user feedback will be provided with three months free access to Miso on full release:

Miso is a comprehensive and useful tool for anyone involved in a dispute. It forces the person using it to think about the main issues at the very outset and used properly, can save a great deal of time and effort. I love it!
— Lisa Henderson QC
Miso is an excellent resource, it allows lawyers to focus on the law rather than admin, and obtain a clear view of all the information in a case.
— Amber Galbraith, Advocate