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Take control of the litigation process

Miso is a litigation management tool that gives you greater control over your cases. Focus on the real legal issues. See the connection. Make clearer points. Ask better questions. Get better results.

Miso is trusted by

Jordanna Blockley
Jordanna Blockley , Advocate, Themis Advocates
Steve Love
Steve Love , KC, Compass Chambers
Simon Crabb , Advocate, Arnot Manderson Advocates
Carolyn Jackson
Carolyn Jackson , Solicitor, Balfour+Manson
Lisa Henderson
Lisa Henderson , KC, Ampersand Advocates
Brandon Malone , Barrister and Arbitrator

Designed by litigators, designed for litigators

Miso supports you across the whole litigation process – preparation, analysis, collaboration, communication and whatever comes next.

Miso digitises vast quantities of information and organises it all in a logical way, based on the legal issues. It works within these documents to store and organise your thinking in the same way.

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Miso thinks like a litigator helping you to analyse complex cases more efficiently. Across facts, pleadings, people, documents and events it helps you cross-reference and link issues.

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Whether used by one person or as a way of supporting information sharing across internal and external teams, Miso organises the thinking so it’s quicker and easier to understand what you need to do.

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Miso isn’t just a simple case management, document management or eBundle system. Miso transforms information into knowledge. Miso helps you get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently.

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Miso Legal has quickly become indispensable for me. It saves me time preparing cases and generally makes life as a litigator easier.

Lisa Henderson Lisa Henderson, KC, Ampersand Advocates

Miso thinks like a litigator

Because Miso has been designed by litigators for litigators, we understand that different areas of law – and different jurisdictions – work in subtly different ways.

We’re great at bringing structure to document-heavy cases so that you can work across case teams, sharing knowledge and mastering the key points of any case.

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Personal Injury

We know that being able to manage large volumes of documents and complex records in a detailed, chronological way can be a challenge.

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Medical Negligence

Whether you’re working on matrimonial, family or child law cases we understand the importance of being able to see the chronology of events and the legal issues clearly.

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Family Law

Where ADR offers a prospect of earlier resolutions and reduced dispute costs, Miso offers clarity and insight that can speed up these resolutions even further and at a reduced cost.

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From the simplest small claims court matter to complex public inquiries and appeals in the Supreme Court, we understand the importance of being able to digest, understand, structure and share vast quantities of information.

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General Civil Litigation

Data & Security

We understand that security, confidentiality and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable. We’ve worked hard to get this right so that you don’t have to worry.

Everything in place

The name Miso comes from the concept of mise-en–place, a principle used by chefs to organise their work so that they can focus on what’s important. 

Whether barristers and advocates, solicitors, paralegals or support staff, we understand that litigators are under great pressure to find a more efficient and successful way of doing things. To organise their work. To put everything in place.

Why do we understand this? Simple. Because Miso has been designed by litigators with practical, real-life experience.

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