How it works

Designed by litigators, designed for litigators.

Miso supports you across the whole litigation process – preparation, analysis, collaboration, communication and whatever comes next. 

Organise your thinking

Miso digitises vast quantities of information and organises it in a logical, focused way, putting the legal issues central to how the information is meticulously tracked, analysed, cross-referenced, organised, bundled and shared.

Transform information into knowledge

Focusing on each legal issue in turn, Miso allows you and your team to work directly within your documents to extract key information, prepare, organise, share and comment.

Miso’s efficacy takes colleagues by surprise.

Steve Love Steve Love, QC, Compass Chambers

Create a living network of legal knowledge

Miso helps litigators analyse complex cases more efficiently. Across facts, pleadings, people, documents and events it deep links evidence to help you cross reference and link issues.

Improve the way the litigation process works

Whether used by one person or as a way of supporting information sharing across internal and external teams, Miso organises and shares the thinking so it’s quicker and easier to understand what you all need to do.

Get better results

Unlike anything else on the market Miso isn’t just a simple case management and document management system. It does all of this and more, allowing you to generate eBundles and case reports by indexing working documents and case information so that you can export them as interactive pdfs or upload them to the cloud.

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