MISO assists litigators by enabling them to save time and reduce costs in the preparation and analysis of their cases.

How does Miso work?

Every case, no matter how complex, can be distilled to the issues that need to be determined by the decision maker. 

They may be questions of fact or complex questions of law.  Miso utilises this approach to enable you to focus your case preparation on that which will ultimately prove most effective for your client.

Through the process of identifying issues as the first step towards preparation all the information available to a litigator can be identified, cross referenced and reconciled in a practical and meaningful way. 

By the use of intuitive technology, those links and annotations will be forged during the normal process of reading and evaluating the papers. 

They will then be available to everyone working on the case, to be modified and developed according to new information, or indeed new issues, that emerge as part of the process of preparing for a resolution.

In this manner annotated, issue-based notes are automatically developed incorporating links to all the relevant pleadings, witnesses, documents (or important passages thereof) and legislation alongside chronologies of the events that have been identified as relevant to the dispute. 

This, of course, in no way inhibits the maintenance of the papers in a traditional format where this is appropriate.

These principles apply equally to the single issue case through to the most complex multi faceted litigation or inquiry. 

It works where an individual practitioner maintains conduct or a large team is required to steer the case to the most advantageous outcome.

The litigator will be prepared to make detailed submissions on any important issue, at any stage according to all the information available to them. 

That work need never be duplicated by another team member, whilst they are enabled to build upon and develop the arguments as new facts emerge. 

This alone will allow the team to adopt a lean, efficient and collaborative approach to preparation ultimately saving time and allowing the focus to be on delivering the best informed advocacy for the client. 

This is what we mean by the Miso advantage.